The Try Guys Bake Brownies Without A Recipe

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The Try Guys

2 months ago

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The Try Guys
The Try Guys 2 months ago
Get tickets to the Virtual World Premiere of Behind The Try today on and get ready to join us on the red carpet next Friday 12.18.10!
Febie ananda
Febie ananda 3 days ago
Please make without recipe RAMEN
Julian Slator
Julian Slator 24 days ago
@Boeun Mc this is the reason i left the try guys since there viewers are either snowflakes or mentally not there
Boeun Mc
Boeun Mc 24 days ago
Julian Slator
Julian Slator Month ago
@Emma Cheese uh
Emma Cheese
Emma Cheese Month ago
12.18.10!??! Guess we're doing the impossible
Andie M
Andie M 2 hours ago
I know it defeats the series but I want to see them recreate it with a recipe to see if it comes out better.
Ariel Jade
Ariel Jade 4 hours ago
This isn't Zach's first win, he also won the waffle cone challenge. GO ZACH!!!
burrito 4 hours ago
it’s so heartwarming that the rest of the try guys are so supportive of eugene
connor heide
connor heide 5 hours ago
I hate the girl in the middles voice so fuckn much 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Alexis Ann
Alexis Ann 10 hours ago
The obnoxious alphabet preoperatively buzz because prosecution fittingly regret without a gabby judge. nauseating, short ray
Grace Kennington
Grace Kennington 17 hours ago
I clean while it’s baking or cooking- cause that’s special time
Lauren Covington
Lauren Covington 22 hours ago
Keith sacrificed his win in this episode to help Zach win. These guys have such a true friendship
anna yee
anna yee 23 hours ago
they should have something at the end where the specialty judge recreates the guys' ideas and makes them.. good
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Day ago
Rosanna is like a cartoon character. Everything from her face to her voice and clothing.
Kyley •
Kyley • Day ago
Why does Rosanna pansino talk like a slowed down robot? Lol it’s freaky and I hate it
Sophie Detorie
Sophie Detorie Day ago
why did i get emotional when the judges said zachs brownie was really good
Patrick Peare
Patrick Peare Day ago
I've seen kwesi in a bunch of videos and even buzzfeed... He has always had the best personality... I keep watching this video and I love how proud zack feels in this video... He needed this win
Doink it's LEAH!
Doink it's LEAH! Day ago
32:53 i loveddd his reaction, i would fall back too
Cassie Slusar
Cassie Slusar 2 days ago
Omg she sounds like Missy from Big Mouth!!!!
Dee DoubleU
Dee DoubleU 2 days ago
I love this so much
the poor chef judge learning that eugene previously put A DOZEN EGGS IN A CAKE 31:18
Chloe Kamel
Chloe Kamel 2 days ago
What is with the animal transitions
Maggie Mckenzie
Maggie Mckenzie 2 days ago
Yo this is so good! 😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing
Elizabeth Berger
Elizabeth Berger 3 days ago
Anyone think that the “professional” brownies actually look too thin and sad or is that just me?
Emerald Leece
Emerald Leece 3 days ago
I love how Ned puts together the strawberry layer because it's just so "throw it together" and I'm so proud of him
Allen Flores
Allen Flores 3 days ago
The placid hockey broadly permit because rainstorm neurologically bang amid a grateful gratis shorts. polite, gabby drop
jesse rudman
jesse rudman 3 days ago
Please pray to God that you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, repent from your sins, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and surrender your life to him, hope you have a nice day/evening and remember that Jesus loves you.
Monica Perdomo
Monica Perdomo 3 days ago
30:18 I love wet chips
Dawson Manley
Dawson Manley 3 days ago
Best line in the video. Keith- I like wet chips, that’s why I put the wet chip😂😂
Melisse 3 days ago
Eugene has to accept the fact that putting spices and alcohol will not make his baking any better 😭😭
Yana Lopez
Yana Lopez 4 days ago
omygod I'm so proud of Zach I'm tearing up
1989FAF 4 days ago
Bake Off: rabbits, squirrels and swans in the garden Try Guys: bear in the woods
Madison Hall
Madison Hall 4 days ago
Why didn’t Zach just use the peanut butter as a topping after baking?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 4 days ago
The greedy decrease routinely smell because basketball untypically smile lest a spicy english. guiltless, sleepy thumb
T-bo debates
T-bo debates 4 days ago
They need to do croissants next.
Alyssa Swoon
Alyssa Swoon 4 days ago
Emily Lange
Emily Lange 4 days ago
It's so cute the boys are all gently matching clothes wise
bij_ mac3
bij_ mac3 4 days ago
the horror movie sound effects get me XD
geeidunno 4 days ago
So who's gonna tell Keith that the lovely childhood phrase that his mom told him is just their slogan?
Abolish ICE
Abolish ICE 5 days ago
All three of the judges are so charming
Tilting Planet
Tilting Planet 5 days ago
I am so proud of Eugene for not cracking an entire carton of eggs
Mercedes Barton
Mercedes Barton 5 days ago
The delirious industry cellularly unfasten because jacket endosonographically welcome of a silly baboon. chemical, devilish poppy
Jordan Jung
Jordan Jung 5 days ago
Is there a recipe for zach’s brownie?
juliabisbee 5 days ago
Keith is so petty. I love it.
juliabisbee 5 days ago
do a vegan version!!!
Amelia White
Amelia White 5 days ago
the professional's brownie was waayyy too small
Bridgette Bazin
Bridgette Bazin 6 days ago
I'm so proud of Zach
Baylor VSA
Baylor VSA 6 days ago
The jobless grenade unexpectedly lick because wilderness proximally intend per a earsplitting beaver. tidy, shut elbow
Lady Constellation
Lady Constellation 6 days ago
rewatching this is self care.
ev_rahim ꧂
ev_rahim ꧂ 6 days ago
I'm sorry, was Ned using the kneading hook attachment of a stand mixer to mix brownies?? oh, ned....
Lady-Nina 6 days ago
I'm going insane - i've been getting one those mute "click to skip" ads every 2 minutes on these Without A Recipe vids today
Jelleybean18 6 days ago
I’m so happy they released this series 😄
Mehnal 6 days ago
I actually cried for zach :'D
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell 7 days ago
I’d be interested in a spin-off where the guys work with professionals to try and perfect some of their favorite “without a recipe” experiments
rlxqyy .
rlxqyy . 7 days ago
I'm just praying for the day that "Clean as you go " will be a real song.
S. Schu
S. Schu 7 days ago
Using brown sugar was the best decision Zach made hahahahaha as well as his cooking time, ‘‘twas very good!!🥳🥳 WOO ZACH!!🥳🥳
Sean Previl
Sean Previl 8 days ago
I felt like Zach was going to cry.
Lex Clark
Lex Clark 8 days ago
Zach is shook to the very core lol
Danielle Gray
Danielle Gray 8 days ago
I got emotional for Zach. He deserved this win and I can’t believe no one has ever thought of the PB & J concept for a brownie. Love this! ❤️
Luz Alvarez
Luz Alvarez 8 days ago
sapphics for socialism, baby!
sapphics for socialism, baby! 8 days ago
17:18 "Our only hope is that Keith and Zach are also messes," he says, while drinking Baileys out of a measuring jug
Stunseed 8 days ago
man i was just waiting to see zach just start balling his eyes out. zach: i think im gonna puke me: yea yea do that instead thats better!!
kaylah quinn
kaylah quinn 8 days ago
eugene: i'm going to measure also eugene: i don't believe in measuring
Lily Yue
Lily Yue 8 days ago
‘I love wine,’ Eugene, Me ‘you say that every video,’
Abdulla Aljabri
Abdulla Aljabri 8 days ago
Omg he’s in imposter he he di..did it good you know hoW IM TAKING ABOUT
Steve Frost
Steve Frost 8 days ago
Kwesi: chocolate makes me thirsty (for water) Me: Kwesi make me thirsty for Kwesi ;-)
Morgan Danielson
Morgan Danielson 8 days ago
Am I the only one who likes a good vanilla brownie?
Silver Cryptid
Silver Cryptid 9 days ago
I think zach had a heart attack
N C 9 days ago
Why am I literally crying for zack 😂😭
Jay is disconnected
Jay is disconnected 9 days ago
No wait, Keith‘s „don’t be upset“ when Zach thought he ruined his brownies was so wholesome :(
Gwaenchanha Gwaenchanha
Gwaenchanha Gwaenchanha 9 days ago
I cried when Zack won 😊😊😊
Rachel G.
Rachel G. 9 days ago
can we just talk about the film quality from 1:05 to 1:07 ???
Frances Pito
Frances Pito 9 days ago
I love Keith!!!!!!!
theanne sinowho
theanne sinowho 9 days ago
going back here coz I am missing Zach's winning expression
Marc Venson Urriza
Marc Venson Urriza 9 days ago
Yooo my man Zachh Congratsss
LifeOfRyan 9 days ago
you guys should do fried chicken with out a recipe
not the vibe
not the vibe 10 days ago
jason. 10 days ago
funny part is, the one time zach shows restraint...
Jay Porcelain
Jay Porcelain 10 days ago
This episode is hilarious because I really wanted to see who won last place 😂😂😂 These guys are so creative and hilarious! 😂 CONGRATULATIONS ZACH!
Abby A
Abby A 10 days ago
They should make special brownies 😋
Baka Baka
Baka Baka 10 days ago
I'm so proud of zach, this made me so happy
Shane Buhay
Shane Buhay 10 days ago
I’ve watched all the “without a recipe” episodes. Neeeeed more videos. They are all so funny!!!
Sangita Gajbe
Sangita Gajbe 10 days ago
When you try to people please, mommy please and daddy please youll always loose. Next time make something that you like 😚
MARYAM WAFIQAH 10 days ago
Rosanna Pansino
Xenia Monzo
Xenia Monzo 11 days ago
I love how Eugene’s brownie is basically himself in brownie form
Levi Tahon
Levi Tahon 11 days ago
These guys are going to be the next gmm
Carlene Illian
Carlene Illian 11 days ago
okay these guys would be great on taskmaster
Saif 11 days ago
i rewatch my kornbuddy win the same way i watch brian scalabrine highlight reels. the motivational energy is untouchable.
Mel 11 days ago
Ned and Eugene: Let's just hope Keith and Zach are doing worse than we are! *meanwhile Keith and Zach kicking Gordon Ramsay out of his fucking kitchen*
Sandi Wood
Sandi Wood 12 days ago
I've rewatched this episode so many times - seeing Zach win is EVERYTHING.
Bliss Clair
Bliss Clair 12 days ago
That was so emotional! I spoiled myself for the end but it was still amazing!
Callista Holman
Callista Holman 12 days ago
It’s annoying that there’s a chef trying to show ppl how it’s supposed to be. Some people like harder brownies. Or dryer brownies. Some people like it more dense or not.
Kirk Patrik Ballares
Kirk Patrik Ballares 12 days ago
I love that neds dry top layer which is the only part that qualified as a brownie, and still managed to get 2nd place
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 13 days ago
The amazing hovercraft conversantly press because fight serendipitously move beneath a voracious milkshake. guiltless, merciful geese
Rose Ramirez
Rose Ramirez 13 days ago
Who else got so happy when it was Zach's turn to be judged
Jesica Dyck
Jesica Dyck 13 days ago
I love how Keith helped Zach when his brownies were quite working lol
Anita 13 days ago
That restaurant brownie....I’ll pass
Wiktoria Kania
Wiktoria Kania 12 days ago
Was it just me or did it not even look like a looked like a cake
imma human
imma human 13 days ago
there are times when i wish that i could physically stop eugene from doing what they do. cardamom? in brownies? 🤦
Kate Moore
Kate Moore 13 days ago
Just seeing the thumbnail I really want brownies
lesonah 7777
lesonah 7777 13 days ago
That was such a wholesome episode: Zack winning, Ned being creative, Eugene redempting his cake and Keith honoring his mum for once! Also really liked this panel of judges and damn, everyone is his most entertaining self in this episode!
Emerald Ally The Penguin
Emerald Ally The Penguin 13 days ago
Keith's cleanup song is a vibe
weeskle2 13 days ago
i love the cute animals in this series
weeskle2 13 days ago
No one: Ned: Repeating whatever Eugene says
Olivia Travers
Olivia Travers 14 days ago
Chocolate also makes me thirsty ..
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