Keith Reviews Everything From 2020

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The Try Guys

Month ago

Buckle up! Let's look back on the dumpster fire that was 2020. Since USposts cancelled their yearly Rewind, Keith is taking matters into his own hands and reviewing everything from 2020.
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Ellise Shafer, ‘Mamma Mia’ Producer Teases Third Film, Says It’s ‘Meant to Be a Trilogy’ - June 20th 2020
Gemma Jordan and Alyse Shorland, Episode 9: ‘The Rabbit Hole’ - Aug 9 2019
CBS News - Jan 7 2020
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Aarna Kalita
Aarna Kalita Day ago
idk why, but this gave me John Green from CrashCourse vibes
Haruki Shirota
Haruki Shirota Day ago
moni nunya
moni nunya Day ago
god yes
Anna Vuu
Anna Vuu 3 days ago
the writing and producing for this video is the best the try guys have done so far... u should really consider tweaking this a bit to make this a reoccurring show its rly exciting to see yall making content like this ~!!
Ice Cream Kingston
Ice Cream Kingston 6 days ago
Jefree: “ i’m not a villain in a movie” Everyone else: “ THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE!”
Ice Cream Kingston
Ice Cream Kingston 6 days ago
The best thing to happen in 2020 was ANIMAL CROSSING!
Alejandra H
Alejandra H 8 days ago
what an incredibly inaccurate title
Your Average New Yorker
Your Average New Yorker 11 days ago
You could tell me Keith was a Green brother and I would agree
AikoFlorite 12 days ago
I can't believe I only saw this today. This is maybe one of the best of Keith's videos
Erin Richard
Erin Richard 13 days ago
I am over 6 minutes into this video and we haven't discussed 2020 yet..... lol
Erin Richard
Erin Richard 13 days ago
this is still a great video and I love Keith with my whole heart... but I want this title to actually become a video, Keith needs to actually review 2020. Or maybe bring the Rank King into it!
Kasey M
Kasey M 13 days ago
This was great ❤❤
a 14 days ago
Heather Adams
Heather Adams 16 days ago
The pewdiepie dig 😭😭😭
Katie Nemanick
Katie Nemanick 16 days ago
i love thé talk-show style vids need more
SwissLotus 16 days ago
9:00 me bing in a Try Guys rabbit hole rn
Ashley Burford
Ashley Burford 17 days ago
Keith went down the rabbit hole and reviewed nothing of 2021😅 I still enjoyed the video though lol.
Benny Wolfe
Benny Wolfe 17 days ago
You guys call everything that isn’t left alt-right
R Hobbs
R Hobbs 17 days ago
Well this was depressing
Benny Wolfe
Benny Wolfe 17 days ago
Leaving the Iranian deal was probably the best thing that happened last year
Linh Huynh
Linh Huynh 19 days ago
One of the channel that is actually socially aware and politically aware
Fish Family Farm
Fish Family Farm 21 day ago
Keith gets his own talk show when
MissDoomNGloom 21 day ago
He's gonna need a whole review for the first 4 weeks of 2021
Denise Smith
Denise Smith 22 days ago
This needs to be a series! omg it is amazing! Keith is a great commentator
ohouti8estwra 23 days ago
How is this a video about 2020?
ohouti8estwra 23 days ago
Was that pewdiepie a joke?
Supafried 24 days ago
I hate how people think because it’s a new year all their problems are going to go away lmao
Breah Lang
Breah Lang 25 days ago
Why does this remind me of Crash Course videos?
Skygge 25 days ago
This Feels like another version of Andrew Schultz Saves America
Tasha Pinto
Tasha Pinto 25 days ago
This video title has me confused though...
Erin Lynn
Erin Lynn 25 days ago
Maybe do one of these semi-annually.. even monthly.. Perfect amount of humor with this side of suck. Bravo
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 25 days ago
great video
Divjot Kaur
Divjot Kaur 26 days ago
This is so buzzfeed
Nathan Brainer
Nathan Brainer 26 days ago
Whattttt?? This is amazing ! Keith is such a good talk show host !!!!!!
Ella Thompson
Ella Thompson 28 days ago
I can't tell if this is an snl audition of a crash course
Ana Parra
Ana Parra Month ago
I caught that subtle pewdiepie jab
niall joeseph
niall joeseph Month ago
These dudes are the ones who drop their wife's off at her boyfriends house
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi Month ago
Oh no Keith 2020 is just a Pre-season trailer. 2021 would be the Bomb ;D
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold Month ago
Excessive Soy consumption is bad for you.
imafatlittlefroggie Month ago
keith could be a news reporter
This video feels 30 minutes long
Cinema OCD
Cinema OCD Month ago
This actually was super thoughtful and one of the best things I've seen about the online conspiracy problem. The answer, it turns out is for us all to subscribe to rabbit asmr videos.
Sacha Levy
Sacha Levy Month ago
Ummmm why do I love this so much and why do I want more ????? Love u Keith
Whats-My-Fandom Month ago
Nice shirt. LOVE THIS!! Would LOVE to see more!
Amanda Eloy
Amanda Eloy Month ago
Me: Yay keith is talking about my country (brazil)...wait, oh no
Noah Peters
Noah Peters Month ago
I had the weirdest dream. Keith was my bartender at an Outback Steakhouse (where I used to work; FYI don’t eat there. It’s super unsanitary) but anyways, in this dream, I was sat and ordered a drink but a few people sat at my table that I didn’t know? Keith just looked at me like ‘sorry, it’s your problem now’ and totally avoided my table afterwards. I was like wtf man. After I woke up, it took me a few minutes to realize my bad experience was just a dream
Kat Rose
Kat Rose Month ago
This is great. The title is not.
Major Monogram
Major Monogram Month ago
Wait you’re telling me “bye sister” came out in 2020
Annika Rex
Annika Rex Month ago
Not an accurate title Keith haha
Ivy Pellerin
Ivy Pellerin Month ago
Keith hopes so dearly to be a talk show host in his later years. I think it'll happen
Kiley F
Kiley F Month ago
Since Ned had another baby can you Jean watch both Wes and finn
Hope Lasseter
Hope Lasseter Month ago
Not gonna lie, I wished USposts did 2020 rewind
Ameta Month ago
Yeah 2020 was really a year
Adi Month ago
keith you should do this every end year. we'll definitely keep coming each December/January to hear what happened in the past year!!
Elizabeth Caza-Krump
Elizabeth Caza-Krump Month ago
That turkey joke at 2:29 killed me! LOL
Katrina G
Katrina G Month ago
We need more videos like this!
thelamecactus Month ago
I know they need to ban CNN already
Florage Month ago
I want to say that Keith lost weight like he looks hot asf (I already had a fat crush on him Dw) but you seem happier and more confident. ❤️good for you!
Shlanna Seibert
Shlanna Seibert Month ago
This is not Keith reviewing 2020, but this is a useful video.
Yaysunny Equestrian
Yaysunny Equestrian Month ago
if they had Zack do this it could have been the most neurotic video ever lmao
Zyl Rios
Zyl Rios Month ago
Keith as a news anchor! Yes please!
I love you
I love you Month ago
Who else clicked on this video to see if he was a Democrat or Republican😂
Tailfin Month ago
JFC the thumbnail is a living meme.
Dimi Hall
Dimi Hall Month ago
this should be a real show. trevor noah, bill maher type show, except about pop culture/media, not politics
Shelly SakhD
Shelly SakhD Month ago
I'm only 3 minutes in but please make this is a series
Sophia Barnish
Sophia Barnish Month ago
You give me Hank Green vibes and I say that in the highest of compliments
Pamela Warren
Pamela Warren Month ago
I'm happy to say the algorithm doesn't get me. I don't watch recommended. As soon as USposts loads I click on the subscription page and only watch from there. Take that algorithm!
Kayla Owens
Kayla Owens Month ago
Ok idk if anyone remembers...but Keith once mentioned that he wanted to be the next / late show( or show late at night) / Host and I would 100% watch nightly
Kayla Owens
Kayla Owens Month ago
Need this
Julia Cordero
Julia Cordero Month ago
I haven’t watched try guys in like 5+ years but this video is absolutely sucking me back I.
Sydney Lim
Sydney Lim Month ago
Keith is giving me Hank Green vibes 😂
Ellie Priday
Ellie Priday Month ago
They should have given Lilly Singh’s talk show to Keith! 😂
Michelle Giroux
Michelle Giroux Month ago
Keith living his dream of being a host ♥️
jessie as
jessie as Month ago
If Keith was a teacher I wouldn't be bored with his classes
Succulent Peaches
Succulent Peaches Month ago
Alternative title: Keith talks about everything that’s wrong with USposts and a few things about 2020
Zebediah Cooley
Zebediah Cooley Month ago
eat everything cheesecake factory
Luminous Authenticity
Luminous Authenticity Month ago
I would actually to watch Keith to a series of trying health nut foods. Like going to very very healthy restaurants, raw food restaurants, extc. I want the beat for him and his body! And I don't watch it for junk food I watch if for his hilarity and comments! Woowoo
Eliot Rae
Eliot Rae Month ago
idk why i didnt know james and tati and jeffree fight was in 2020-
James Willmus
James Willmus Month ago
The answer is intelligent, critically thinking people need to stay politically engaged. Don't become complacent, don't expect democracy to putz along without your input. Giving up your microphone only allows the crazies out there to make more noise.
Austin Molina
Austin Molina Month ago
The synergy between all of the try guys is priceless
Im_Asian Month ago
1:00 veggie straws-
Avalee T
Avalee T Month ago
This isn't Keith reviewing 2020, its Keith explaining USposts. Ps, I'm not mad
Naima C
Naima C Month ago
Kitten ASMR beats rabbit ASMR
K Gallagher
K Gallagher Month ago
I need more videos like this!!
ERYN Month ago
I can't recommend passively watching train videos enough. They really helped me chill out in 2020. Beautiful landscapes train sounds repetitive white noise. I also just wish I could train travel now but actually traveling is terrifying.
Shyho Gaming
Shyho Gaming Month ago
Aiden Gardner
Aiden Gardner Month ago
Turkey’s can fly Kieth, they can fly, they can.
Anael Domingo
Anael Domingo Month ago
No one is going to talk about the amazing editing and graphic contents in this video?! It’s so detailed s/o to Try Guys editors 😌👏🏼
Cassie Suttmiller
Cassie Suttmiller Month ago
This reminds me of crash course
InsaneCake Month ago
Hands up who’s been here since the early years of YT!! ✋🏻✋🏻
Karma7650 Month ago
Yash 1322
Yash 1322 Month ago
2:07 * insert dr Mike clip here *
zerosashes Month ago
Honestly. Metal straws are the shit.
Josephine DiPentino
Josephine DiPentino Month ago
So is he in their new office?? I thought they were supposed to have a new one when they filmed that chair video with Keith and Eugene?
M Wellman
M Wellman Month ago
Why can’t we just use plastic straws then cut them up when we toss them
Zsa Zsa Ordelman
Zsa Zsa Ordelman Month ago
It is really hilarious Keith I think you’re a Teletubby think maybe try guys are the Teletubbies and we’ll life depicted as humans but in a funny way not as books can I could be a Tinky-Winky or
Emperor Sieghart
Emperor Sieghart Month ago
Hey it's daddy's favorite show!
Leya The Enthusiast
Leya The Enthusiast Month ago
Aw I thought it would be longer
Molly Chmura
Molly Chmura Month ago
SNL Weekend Update featuring Keith!!
Shr00b Month ago
Okay Keith, that jab at Pewds wasn't necessary whatsoever. He's not anti-semetic.
Cameron Villaruel
Cameron Villaruel Month ago
Thank you for making this video fire yet educational!! I’ve learned a lot about USposts! I love and appreciate the incredible animations and edits✨🔥❤️
Lauren Christopher
Lauren Christopher Month ago
Keep this up guys! You guys are fighting against misinformation with your platform and using your influence wisely. Well done!
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