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The Try Guys

3 months ago

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The Try Guys
The Try Guys 3 months ago
Re-stock alert! You can pre-order our Tryceratops plushie on now!
Surprised Pikachu
Surprised Pikachu 16 days ago
@hi hi jackass
Dumbass Hoe
Dumbass Hoe 16 days ago
@hi hi stfu
Lila Sternoff
Lila Sternoff Month ago
does anybody else get the sense that keith is mad at zach in this video?
Bells Month ago
fuck that. i want an ugly keith
Alaina Constantine
Alaina Constantine Month ago
Could you guys also try to sell these plushies lol
samuel nolan
samuel nolan 4 hours ago
That lady was so rude, I really liked your moustache Ned
Lxmonade 14 hours ago
Where can I buy a chicken noodle? I kinda want one
Kiley Key
Kiley Key 22 hours ago
did anyone notice the darker man was sitting on the black side and the peach pepole where sitting on the wight side
Lorenza Anziani
Lorenza Anziani Day ago
The octopus gives me coralline realnes
Oddsox15 Day ago
Keith was robbed !!!
pink 77228
pink 77228 Day ago
Octopus jones is first place in my heart
pinku Day ago
"you're torn, gay horse _is_ torn"
Annabel Geerts
Annabel Geerts Day ago
Spoopy Storietime
Spoopy Storietime Day ago
are we not gonna question why zack has a demonic t shirt never knew he could get more retable
blondecat666 Day ago
That chicken looks like a giant tooth.
Simona Baumgartner
Simona Baumgartner Day ago
You could try Try guys try origami without instructions
Savannah Tuttle
Savannah Tuttle Day ago
I want to buy chickennoodle so much he’s adorable
King Henry VIII
King Henry VIII 2 days ago
For some reason I always imagine every lion being super gay
John M. Tiu
John M. Tiu 2 days ago
The exotic quince arthroscopically educate because daffodil identically stitch by a cold turnover. afraid, rustic save
Shawn Bornman
Shawn Bornman 2 days ago
Why do I what the cocktopus so bad
Clara Körzel
Clara Körzel 2 days ago
"Is it too big?" Me, glancing at my atuffed rainbow lama with the same size
Created by Audrey
Created by Audrey 2 days ago
Gremlin Digital
Gremlin Digital 3 days ago
Why does no one talk about the one kid who drew photo realistic characters on a cardboard box because he couldn't afford stuffed animals🤔?
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 3 days ago
octopus jones was ROBBED.
Notsogracefulme 3 days ago
Octopus Jones shouldve gotten second lmao
Evangeline Renner
Evangeline Renner 3 days ago
osmosis jones? screw that its OCTOPUS jones now! did anyone watch osmosis jones tho?
yee hawer
yee hawer 3 days ago
ned literally has the nugget couch...
RN JM 3 days ago
Ned fulmer? More like freddie mercury 😂
Angelo Brian
Angelo Brian 3 days ago
Omg. I love Chicken Noodle. I would buy 100%
E Camville
E Camville 4 days ago
Nobody gonna mention the fact that Chicken Noodle is a choking hazard???
E Camville
E Camville 4 days ago
How did a rectangle with choking hazards win?
ʀᴀɴʙᴏᴏʙ _ᴇɴᴅᴇʀᴍᴀɴ
ʀᴀɴʙᴏᴏʙ _ᴇɴᴅᴇʀᴍᴀɴ 4 days ago
My main question is did Jamie ever get to keep ugly Keith?
shoup luci
shoup luci 4 days ago
The public icebreaker bilaterally bang because oyster intrestingly visit minus a magnificent pint. sassy, complex karate
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez 4 days ago
That octopus has serial killer eyes 😂
Gremlin Digital
Gremlin Digital 3 days ago
ahneena K
ahneena K 4 days ago
no i swear i WANT octopus jones
KarTheWanderer 5 days ago
Keith's octopus sort of looks like a psychedelic sperm with too many tails due to the head shape
Madison Hamel
Madison Hamel 5 days ago
cries in ✨𝑔𝑎𝑦 ℎ𝑜𝑟𝑠𝑒✨
Asanka Dharma
Asanka Dharma 5 days ago
here for keiths reactions
MakeupByAGoddess 6 days ago
I want Chicken Noodle so much!!! I love it!!!
ace furnter
ace furnter 6 days ago
Great job every one but Ned is always my favorite in everything 😄🐔
EmmaHammie 6 days ago
but.... Neds chicken is more of a cockblock....
mekenna *
mekenna * 6 days ago
god rachel's girls are so cute
Nicole Jesus
Nicole Jesus 6 days ago
Keith made the octopus from coraline
Veronica Larsen
Veronica Larsen 7 days ago
No one: Keith and ned rousting each other: 26:10 Eugene: Gay horse
bernice 7 days ago
i just want to cut off those octopus legs so bad
Rowena Ravenclaw
Rowena Ravenclaw 7 days ago
That ugly Keith doll is the best!
Kdnqoy Ndwuvd
Kdnqoy Ndwuvd 7 days ago
The interesting nancy intraoperatively tempt because fender identically crack under a craven exhaust. sweltering, tense offence
Natalia Spamer
Natalia Spamer 7 days ago
brooo when keith said "THIS WOULD BE IN A PLUSHIE STORE" he was so right
Agent 8
Agent 8 8 days ago
God dammit I’m tempted to make gay horse into a my little pony character-
Mad._. Cam
Mad._. Cam 8 days ago
selene laufeyson
selene laufeyson 8 days ago
3:10 every gay when ıt comes to do things- I'm *every gay*
Audrey Hamby
Audrey Hamby 9 days ago
Gay Horse
coolcupcake 145
coolcupcake 145 9 days ago
I seriously feel like octopus Jones should've gotten 2nd place. They were saying how much they hated Ugly Keith and how it wasn't a plushie and how Octopus Jones was.
Rhat Kicks2
Rhat Kicks2 9 days ago
The guiltless racing paradoxically ski because duck substantially discover per a miscreant tenor. spurious, snotty gram
Silver Cryptid
Silver Cryptid 9 days ago
Eugene willingly almost sitting on ugly keith there at the end👌
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson 9 days ago
Pog pog pogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpogpog
Nicklio Hume
Nicklio Hume 9 days ago
The versed bow antenatally camp because club aetiologically challenge between a well-off gun. vigorous, uptight hobbies
Pokémon Fan
Pokémon Fan 9 days ago
Imagine your only personality trait being who you’re attracted to
Pokémon Fan
Pokémon Fan 9 days ago
Why is Eugene’s only personality trait just being gay now
Ted 10 days ago
Bee B
Bee B 10 days ago
"It would take up the whole room!" How small is this child's room??
Feona Johnson
Feona Johnson 10 days ago
when Keith was beaten by ugly Keith and then Keith turned into ugly Keith
Kër Kya PODCAST 10 days ago
Aw Jamie is back. I missed him
Sebnem Bilgin
Sebnem Bilgin 10 days ago
i want an ugly keith now, i didn't even know i want one till i saw it :D
Jelleybean18 10 days ago
I love plushies ❤️❤️❤️
Byulski Bean
Byulski Bean 10 days ago
Play fighting with your stuffed animals is important for many reasons: 1. Fluff violence is a lot of fun 2. You learn how to fight racists 3. Normaly no one gets hurt 4. You build up muscles to outrun Zack when you tell him: "I've seen hotter ankles"(?) 5. It feels epic ;}
shouta takeuchi
shouta takeuchi 10 days ago
Like the octopus it’s so cute and I actually kind of like the eyes
shouta takeuchi
shouta takeuchi 10 days ago
Like the octopus it’s so cute and I actually kind of like the eyes 👀
shouta takeuchi
shouta takeuchi 10 days ago
Like the octopus it’s so cute and I actually kind of like the eyes
Skye Hester
Skye Hester 10 days ago
The eyes on Octopus Jones give me some major Coraline vibes.
Leah Jumper
Leah Jumper 10 days ago
“He’s definitely wondering where you guys keep your weed.” 😂
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez 10 days ago
Omg I love ugly Keith
sara m
sara m 11 days ago
This is a Jamie appreciation comment. That's it.
Lauren Mullins
Lauren Mullins 11 days ago
Ok hear me out “try guys do acrylic nails without instructions”
Kailyn Berkley
Kailyn Berkley 11 days ago
I want the chicken noodle plushie so bad
kaitlynd sauriol
kaitlynd sauriol 11 days ago
I love zach's
Josefine Asklöf
Josefine Asklöf 11 days ago
Gay horse may have lost the competition but he won the hearts of everyone. Gay horse. Gay horse 🦄
rottnrotty 11 days ago
I’m really hoping Jamie got to take ugly Keith home.
Andrea Inserra
Andrea Inserra 11 days ago
Octopus jones was robbed
themiddleones 11 days ago
Octopus Jones DEFINITELY should've won
Curious Cornucopia
Curious Cornucopia 12 days ago
12:38 Me when i see a something soft, fluffy or squishy in the store
no escape ok
no escape ok 12 days ago
Eugene is walking cringe now. I feel like him coming out is fake just for diversity
Ballet and Birds
Ballet and Birds 13 days ago
I love that Ned looks like Freddy Mercury
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin 13 days ago
Kieth gets robbed every episode poor guy
Ashleigh Kiefer
Ashleigh Kiefer 13 days ago
I need chicken noodle in my life
kiara 13 days ago
havent watched the try guys in awhile, zachs hair looks great!!
jess VS
jess VS 14 days ago
“I’m torn” “Yea, so is gay horse” died
Psycho Sxum
Psycho Sxum 14 days ago
I love Keith and neds plushies
Andrea Marquez
Andrea Marquez 14 days ago
I need the try guys build furniture without instructions plsss
Alyssa Nash
Alyssa Nash 13 days ago
Ikea furniture
Clare Sun
Clare Sun 14 days ago
Eugene in court: judge: you have been convicted of traumatising a child with a plushie. Eugene: *G a y h o r s e*
Anne West
Anne West 14 days ago
you need to make proper plushie based on them then sell them
Birgitte Andersen
Birgitte Andersen 14 days ago
You guys should try crocheting amigurumi without instructions. It would be fun to watch.
Daphne Tapia
Daphne Tapia 15 days ago
Well THAT was intense 😆🔥
Icecreamsamitch 15 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how the way they stated is by yelling “stuff me!” ?? Lol
Emerald Leece
Emerald Leece 15 days ago
Chicken toothle
Rebecca Dry
Rebecca Dry 15 days ago
gay horse
The Egg in the Pantry
The Egg in the Pantry 15 days ago
Keith was right though lmaoo
naom e
naom e 15 days ago
chicken noodle is basically a squishmallow but i’m not mad about it
JON THE ARTIST 15 days ago
Forget the stupid triceratops I want an Ugly Keith plushie!
Caitlin Nairn
Caitlin Nairn 15 days ago
Sprankelend Sterretje
Sprankelend Sterretje 16 days ago
Keith definitely should have won💪🏻
CAG Wentzel
CAG Wentzel 16 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks eugene's sweatshirt kind of looks like the lesbian flag?
JunniDudeREE 16 days ago
Every time Ned hugs chicken noodle is so wholesome
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 17 days ago
did no one in the comments mention jamies voice changing
Micah harding
Micah harding 17 days ago
Eugene: *says a gay reference* Everyone: *doesn't get it* Ned: "I get it!" *Proceeds to make a straight reference* Eugene: *gives the camera a look* I love the dynamic of the group
Micah harding
Micah harding 4 days ago
@Mica Frank This- I- This response. It cannot be topped. I- I just- Words cannot describe. *hysterical laughing in pansexual*
Mica Frank
Mica Frank 4 days ago
Eugene looked like it took about a year off his life
Mica Frank
Mica Frank 4 days ago
Genuinely my favorite part
J.E. Cooper
J.E. Cooper 7 days ago
i found it
J.E. Cooper
J.E. Cooper 7 days ago
what was the reference i forgot
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