Keith & Eugene EXPOSE Toxic Masculinity With Relationship Advice

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The Try Guys

2 months ago

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zoe lawrence
zoe lawrence Hour ago
I love this I hate it I want it to be more serious I want more dumb singing The only thing I actually know for sure is the sponsor stuff was annoying xD
Sy Fy
Sy Fy 10 hours ago
Oh wow, Keith and Lewberger really are born in the wrong decade... If that was the 60s or 70s, those guys would be SLLLAAAAYIIINNGGGG like woah!
Sierra Selby
Sierra Selby Day ago
Oh my god the vibes of this was immaculate and i would love to see more
TheImpiroGirl Day ago
This was fantastic, I love everything about this. Please make more!
Mara Hollow
Mara Hollow Day ago
3 minutes in and I still don't know what's going on
Vic Coutee
Vic Coutee Day ago
This should be an official Netflix series.
Purple Bookworm
Purple Bookworm Day ago
This needs be like a monthly thing.
Berg 2 days ago
WE NEED MORE imbegging
Chavon Hawthorne
Chavon Hawthorne 2 days ago
“I feel like if we hyphenated out future children’s last names... I’m _asking_ for my children to get kicked on the playground.” I literally don’t know how they didn’t break into laughter. It took me so off guard
Chavon Hawthorne
Chavon Hawthorne 2 days ago
“I don’t kiss a lot of my friends.” Is there NOT a compilation of Keith kissing out there? Or did I just imagine that. I literally love this and I will cry if this doesn’t become a series
Chloe DeNuto
Chloe DeNuto 3 days ago
bring this back! this was amazing!
Caro Lina
Caro Lina 4 days ago
Come on you have to make this a series
Shadow Rose
Shadow Rose 4 days ago
My favorite part of this video: Eugene dancing.
Georgina Lithco
Georgina Lithco 4 days ago
We need more of THIS! I didn’t want the episode to end 😩 the jamming sessions were so much fun, Keith has a voice and rhythmmmmmmm 👌🏼
Lizzie Fellows
Lizzie Fellows 4 days ago
I'm high. What the fuck is going on?
Cheeky Pixie
Cheeky Pixie 4 days ago
This needs more views🤣😂 it's too frickin funny🤣🤣🤣
Cassie Collins
Cassie Collins 4 days ago
How did I not see this
angryhistoryguy 4 days ago
This is such a beautiful and uplifting disaster.
claire spades
claire spades 5 days ago
Dear editor, I see you!
PopRocks 5 days ago
I want more!! ;-;
Jo_Island _
Jo_Island _ 5 days ago
Interesting fact: This is the only video in my boyfriends account he didn't watch.
Cody Magie
Cody Magie 5 days ago
As a man I'm not gonna take advice on women and masculinity for any manchild with dangerously low testosterone levels. Hit the guy beta males.
reihyouat 6 days ago
It's never too soon to make another video 👀
Gaba Gaba
Gaba Gaba 6 days ago
What a great video I hope they do this more often!!!!! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
JuMixBoox 6 days ago
This was so hard to find on USposts. I just had the intense desire to watch it again. What even was it though? This fits in no way to their usual content. Edit: This was only two months ago? Time has really gotten weird.
Tannishta patel
Tannishta patel 6 days ago
pllllzzzz do more
Elsie Jo
Elsie Jo 6 days ago
I love this so much. I avoided because of the title. This is amazing.
The Peepeepoopoo Man
The Peepeepoopoo Man 6 days ago
Nathaly 7 days ago
I really need a series of that
Su DW 7 days ago
tbh waiting for a part 2 is killing me
Jelleybean18 7 days ago
Holy shit!! Eugene has a gorgeous voice!!
Jelleybean18 7 days ago
Men, damnwell cry your eyes out ♥️
Jelleybean18 7 days ago
Toxic Masculinity makes me so mad. I love that the Try Guys kick those stereotypes out of the water
Leina Amatsuji-Berry
Leina Amatsuji-Berry 8 days ago
Hey hi hello how do we get more episodes of this!? 💜💙💚❤
iambored1 8 days ago
I need more of this segment
Lindsey Sahin
Lindsey Sahin 8 days ago
Golden years. I need one of these videos AT LEAST once a week!
Citlaly Vargas
Citlaly Vargas 8 days ago
More, more, more! Love the topics being discussed. Also, digging the vibes! ✨
Victoria Wise
Victoria Wise 8 days ago
The tryguys should collaborate with justin baldoni
Audra Leigh
Audra Leigh 9 days ago
Please do a video on how to maintain adult friendships ✨ it's hard when your friends from high school move on
Doña Ratona
Doña Ratona 9 days ago
Ansley McLeod
Ansley McLeod 11 days ago
I really want to know where this was filmed! Looks like the Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee.
Alysha lee
Alysha lee 11 days ago
yes yes yes, great content guys! This should have more views!!
Yater Potater
Yater Potater 11 days ago
Also might I add, clothes , jewelry, hairstyles, and makeup don’t define your gender. Do what makes you feel goooooooood
Heather Baker
Heather Baker 11 days ago
Can we please make this a series
Zz DiStefano
Zz DiStefano 11 days ago
Part two please!!!
Melina Rowin
Melina Rowin 12 days ago
this!!! needs to be a series
Felorina Lorch
Felorina Lorch 12 days ago
We NEED more of this!!!!! I wish there was a heart ear emoji because my ears loved this episode 🥰
B Sanders
B Sanders 12 days ago
This feels like a fever dream
Guzzu Jasmin
Guzzu Jasmin 12 days ago
The harmony they have 👌👌👌👌
John Walker
John Walker 13 days ago
Keyboard dude in the background is giving me Hyde from That 70's Show vibes
Kit Rose
Kit Rose 13 days ago
The irony of including Alex in a video about Toxic masculinity. Does he expose himself in this video? I better watch a different video, cause I don't really wanna see that.
Sanskriti Karn
Sanskriti Karn 14 days ago
okay but Keith Please please try to rhyme non binary with anything in a song like anything
Wannabe 15 days ago
Iv actually never seen my dad cry, EVER.
sandra 15 days ago
isnt this the best video of yt? oi, you nailed it
Benvo 16 days ago
Aren't these the guys with no testosterone
Soph Fair
Soph Fair 16 days ago
The intro tho
7.3 Leigh
7.3 Leigh 17 days ago
I like to move pictures into my email archives so I'm not easily reminded of them but I still have access to them if I ever want to look back at them in the future.
Alice Is
Alice Is 17 days ago
Alice Is
Alice Is 17 days ago
tru men do indeed................ facial skincare products
ohsoprettyeyed 18 days ago
I fucking love this. Please make into a series. But don’t just do advice, please just make it a whole late night style show.
Sofie Munk Hvidegaard
Sofie Munk Hvidegaard 18 days ago
absolutely amazing. i love e v e r y t h i n g about this. thank you so much
CosmoMemory91 18 days ago
I want more of this series and let me tell you, it’s never to soon to make more
Skye Lupick
Skye Lupick 19 days ago
Omg Eugene has a really good voice
Miquie Skye
Miquie Skye 19 days ago
Sabrina Julia Jose
Sabrina Julia Jose 20 days ago
So no ones gonna talk about how Hughie looks just like Hyde from That 70’s Show?
Jessica Zabala
Jessica Zabala 20 days ago
I need more of this!
bluemoon bear
bluemoon bear 20 days ago
Dee_Andie_88 20 days ago
Why am I seeing this for the first time?!
Jess CROFTS 21 day ago
This was the best 17 mins of my life 😭❤️ The outfits, the music, THE HAIR!
crlute 21 day ago
More of these please!!!
Freja 21 day ago
the vocals on that last song kicked ass!
Bigj 3000
Bigj 3000 21 day ago
This shit is wack the rapture will save us
oof 22 days ago
I love this video so much! LOL I wish theyd do moreee
Just Jota
Just Jota 22 days ago
Fernanda Machado Tahamtani
Fernanda Machado Tahamtani 22 days ago
please do another one! this was great!
Hailey Ross
Hailey Ross 22 days ago
The vibe here is perfection. Give us more of this !!
yaira katz
yaira katz 23 days ago
Um yes Eugene thank you for the proper pronunciation of the hebrew letter "chet"
Hristiyana Miteva
Hristiyana Miteva 23 days ago
This is the BEST video I have ever seen!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!
XDSDDLord 23 days ago
I wouldn't dream of deleting any pictures of my past. Whether they represent good times, or bad times, those are my times, I have been shaped by them, and my story can't be told without them. If you try to erase the past, you're trying to forget, and that's not moving on.
Bob B.
Bob B. 24 days ago
I have never adored something so much
Ingrid Norman
Ingrid Norman 24 days ago
Did Hughie intend to go for a Hyde from 70s show look? Cause he looks like Hyde.
Micca's Art
Micca's Art 25 days ago
Muirghiel 25 days ago
I'm sorry, the wigs and the outfits are louder than their mics. I need subtitles.
Sierra Nicolson
Sierra Nicolson 25 days ago
Can we talk about how Stone Fish looks so much like Hyde from That 70's Show, even more so with the glasses and fit lol. Am I the only one thinking this??
Mimi u
Mimi u 25 days ago
This video should have way more views
Erin Lynn
Erin Lynn 25 days ago
Praise for Eugene suggesting skincare! EVERYONE could use some good skincare products. But do your research, and make sure you're buying products that won't affect anyone with sensitive skin... Otherwise, they may end up hating you. *Keith style wink*
Naveda H
Naveda H 25 days ago
This is everything I could have ever asked for
Tay Soon Yeh
Tay Soon Yeh 25 days ago
3 minutes in and I’m asking myself what the heck I’m watching 😂
Sarai Michelle
Sarai Michelle 27 days ago
Where's the love comment for THAT INTRO SONG????
Vena Dacent
Vena Dacent 27 days ago
This has made my Friday. Can this be turned into a monthly special?!
Kati Gabhart
Kati Gabhart 27 days ago
Hughie looks exactly like hyde from that 70's show
Venus McIntire
Venus McIntire 28 days ago
This litterally broke my brain
Sammie Haney
Sammie Haney 28 days ago
This was enjoyable, please more
Lazy_Alex 28 days ago
Bruh I cant tell if I want to be a cute scrawny femboy or a hot masculine guy LIKE WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOOOOOOO THEYRE BOTH GOOD CHOICES IM GONNA CRYYY-
ambritta Month ago
I wasn’t ready for this... but I’m so grateful
Júlia Coelho
Júlia Coelho Month ago
OMG lewberger looks like if Harry styles and Dwight had a very nice kid
1tsßr1t4nnyß1tch Month ago
Okay but like, Hughie and Alex are so talented. Like how they (probably) came up with those songs on the spot may be easy, but their tones and expression is fantastic!
Paige Jasmine
Paige Jasmine Month ago
I love this. I just. I love this.
Hayley O’Coileains
Hayley O’Coileains Month ago
Absolutely my fucking favorite
Katherine Land
Katherine Land Month ago
WHY are there not more of these!? The people have clearly spoken. Guys...we need this
Desiree Coyle
Desiree Coyle Month ago
i really just want to watch on repeat till it gets all the views it deserves, we need another episode with Ned guest starring
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