The Try Guys Try Archery

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The Try Guys

2 months ago

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A Try Guys instant classic! The Try Guys Try Archery for the first time! Starring Zach as Katnip Evergreen! Enjoy!
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Murphy 35 minutes ago
My next d&d character will be a Tabaxi Ranger named Catnip Evergreen.
Rachel Newman
Rachel Newman 5 hours ago
Zac looks so cool in his Medieval outfit! Also, he totally killed in this vid 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
J Weeby Nerdy
J Weeby Nerdy 7 hours ago
She looks like Merida from Brave
Dee simpson
Dee simpson 11 hours ago
9:44 Eugene tryna give somebody a heart attack here 😭😭
Elena Ferry
Elena Ferry Day ago
Keith’s “British accent” is giving me major Monty Python vibes 😂
Evangeline Renner
Evangeline Renner 2 days ago
i love how they listen to Blink-182... or at least know that song
Amy Cawley
Amy Cawley 2 days ago
You should try Clay Target Shooting next!!
Tom Tierney
Tom Tierney 2 days ago
This is the same range I go to in Pasadena!
E Camville
E Camville 2 days ago
Ayyyyy cross-eye dominant gang!!
weeskle2 2 days ago
zach lowkey recreated ian's epic moment in summer games camp
Soraya Yaya
Soraya Yaya 3 days ago
She's the real-life Merida.
Kayla Carmichael
Kayla Carmichael 3 days ago
Try guys: can't think of a pun Me Immediately and I blame them entirely: .... We ARCHERlY ready ("we are surely ready")
Kër Kya PODCAST 4 days ago
Zach looks like Peter Pan
not_cat 4 days ago
Some times you think your a top but then it turns out your a bottom- Eugene leeyang
shoup luci
shoup luci 4 days ago
The parallel son essentially drop because turn nutritionally protect between a swanky room. invincible, windy engine
Gabriel Normand
Gabriel Normand 4 days ago
10M views we can do this guys!!!
Ceci Boni
Ceci Boni 4 days ago
Ned's response at the end had me dying 😂
hetbet 5 days ago
why are they being xenophobes? They wouldn't find it funny if I mocked an american accent and basically called them retards.
Stoirm Draodih
Stoirm Draodih 5 days ago
As a lefty archer the sun is a bitch I need a bucket hat to shoot but I’m also a disabled archer I shoot from a wheelchair so aiming is although the same is off by a little bit and also you need to keep both eyes open but blind people can shoot due to muscle memory which is so cool.
yaxis p
yaxis p 6 days ago
I love the instructor ! 😂 her cute little dance when they cheer on Eugene, LOVE IT. ☺️😂
ajienelle06 7 days ago
Would have been cooler if eugene dress in his Traditional Korean clothes. 😊
Devil's Master
Devil's Master 7 days ago
Eugene's Naruto Run *w* 0:13
Bela Z.
Bela Z. 7 days ago
youtube immediately showed me an ad for an bow and arrow company lol
Matheus Vasconcellos
Matheus Vasconcellos 9 days ago
This video made me want to try Archety too 🤩🤩🤩
Vee Vintage
Vee Vintage 9 days ago
Keith: I’m Keith and I’m representing the west! Eugene: And I’m Eugene and I am representing the East! Ned: I am representing north!! Zach: And I’m Zach and I am... I’m representing the Jews!
Falennor 9 days ago
That instructor is professional af. I love her explanations.
starlitesparkle 11 days ago
Rip my shirt and coca cola when keith made the Habsburg joke
gothassassin14 12 days ago
I love that her master coach was a stunt coordinator for Robin Hood: Men in Tights! As I was watching her before she disclosed the RH:MiT's connection, I was thinking about how she reminded me of that film! If you haven't seen the film, I highly recommend it. It's really funny and is one (if not the first) of Dave Chapelle's first movie roles.
Zara Edwards
Zara Edwards 12 days ago
Eugene is drunk markiplier with flair.....markiplier is boring spaz eugene
Zoe Chen
Zoe Chen 12 days ago
A whip, duh.
Adrian C
Adrian C 13 days ago
I guess I only learned in summer camp but what is with the three fingers on the bottom of the knock?
Tank MacNamara
Tank MacNamara 13 days ago
She has more testosterone than the four of these girly-boys put together...
Kasey M
Kasey M 13 days ago
Loved this Keith's announcer voice was amazing 😂😂
Ella Smith
Ella Smith 13 days ago
9:51... Asian of chaos
Ember BloodClaw
Ember BloodClaw 13 days ago
Eugene running like he's a naruto character is the cutest thing ever XD
Isabella Mayer
Isabella Mayer 9 days ago
Why is that such a Eugene move though?? I feel like he does that on a daily basis
Elise • Babs
Elise • Babs 14 days ago
I’m sorry was that the phantom troupe theme song when Keith fired the arrow 😂
Diego Hernandez-Velasco
Diego Hernandez-Velasco 14 days ago
keep you promise
Samantha Kennedy
Samantha Kennedy 15 days ago
Wait, did she call a rabbit a fictional animal
Brianna Smith
Brianna Smith 16 days ago
I will never not see that Habsburg chin on Keith now.
Megafoodie 69
Megafoodie 69 16 days ago
Dang. Never got 10 million views, but I love the support
Brianna Tracey
Brianna Tracey 18 days ago
Try underwater modeling
Mabiaki Ngente
Mabiaki Ngente 19 days ago
All the small things totally caught me by surprise lol and that lady is just adorable
Wisteria 19 days ago
Keith's "Sharon, I don't want to do this" bit is amazingly hilarious
Katie Peterson
Katie Peterson 19 days ago
This was sucha good episode! The instructor is amazing, and it's so clear that they loved it all!
Lizette A
Lizette A 20 days ago
keiths acting is amazingggg so underrated
Shaggy02 20 days ago
Need a love button just cos Zack was so bad ass!
Hairy Harry
Hairy Harry 20 days ago
"I used to be an adventurer like you..."
Biju Moni Baruah
Biju Moni Baruah 20 days ago
Zach is feeding Maggie well!!
Biju Moni Baruah
Biju Moni Baruah 20 days ago
Zach is the nicest person ever!!
Biju Moni Baruah
Biju Moni Baruah 20 days ago
Eugene in the video makes me go weak at my knees
Biju Moni Baruah
Biju Moni Baruah 20 days ago
emi loo
emi loo 21 day ago
Yall it was right there... "We are-surely ready" 🤦‍♀️
emi loo
emi loo 21 day ago
Fun Fact: I genuinely laughed so hard at one point that I choked on my tea and threw up 👍🌝
Isabella Gonzalez-Zamora
Isabella Gonzalez-Zamora 23 days ago
We do arching in my P.E for 6th grade and 7th grade and I am in 6th grade it so much fun we the real things like what the try guys are doing
Jasmine Kelly
Jasmine Kelly 25 days ago
ned be like “call an ambulance BUT NOT FOR ME”
Omar Aied
Omar Aied 25 days ago
can we just talk about how good eugene is at this
Katniss Everdeen
Katniss Everdeen 25 days ago
Zach, how dare you to say my name wrong?!
satansalsa 25 days ago
*or so the legend goes...*
grayScaLe918 26 days ago
i love them joking around and everything, but when I was learning archery the first thing I was told is that arrows are fucking weapons and to not mess around with them
Mermaid Music
Mermaid Music 26 days ago
Hi I love yall
pretzel the pooch
pretzel the pooch 27 days ago
unrelated, but i have a pimple forming on my lip and it itches like hell
Monica Domanguera
Monica Domanguera 27 days ago
The archery instructor passes the vibe check. I believe her. I would trust her to vibe with me while I smoke weed
Han Leal
Han Leal 28 days ago
5:34 God the way Keith says “Lord Fuller” had me dead 😂
ThePinkie8922 28 days ago
The instructor is such a pretty lady
Tria G.
Tria G. 28 days ago
Wow this is great i love it
Muhammad Irfan Jalaluddin
Muhammad Irfan Jalaluddin 28 days ago
Em Vieau
Em Vieau Month ago
"My family's gonna starve. Hit subscribe." OMG Ned 🤣
Hobby News
Hobby News Month ago
I wanna try shooting a bow while jumping off a cliff! WHO WILL JOIN ME!
Kirsten Lacy
Kirsten Lacy Month ago
blink 182!!!! you truly love to see it
zero musicality
zero musicality Month ago
I'm a Filipino archer, not in an Olympic level, but I have archery as my main sport, and I couldn't help but notice all the differences between our methods and techniques😅. The hand positions, stance, aiming method, etc. Also the way that we were taught. Ownoahajaiahausbvgaub it's just so amazing and wahhwknajaajabajsns
Tyagi Rodriguez
Tyagi Rodriguez Month ago
I'm so proud of Ned for actually hitting that apple
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan Month ago
The wooden handle laterally join because learning multivariably produce atop a utter butcher. acrid, accessible branch
Lala Bomb
Lala Bomb Month ago
They could have said "We Arr-ow"
Mariah Simler
Mariah Simler Month ago
How did she figure out which eye was dominant??
Rachel Withers
Rachel Withers Month ago
This instructor taught incredibly well. This is exactly what you need as a beginner archer.
Jacob Catanzaro
Jacob Catanzaro Month ago
she likes robin hood men in tights she’s amazing in my book
Irka Wijaya
Irka Wijaya Month ago
Come on guys we need the 10M views 😂
br0wnie1987 Month ago
Try Guys Try Medieval Fighting next please. Look up the Society for Creative Anachronism! Kthx.
Kay CKND Month ago
please pause, turn on the subtitles, go to 14:05 and wait till zach's lines come *the lvl of disrespect.*
Ric00 Month ago
Hasint reached 10 mil views but they should still rappel down a cliff
fangirlspam _234
fangirlspam _234 Month ago
aight guys we’re at 1.5 million views so only 8.5 million to go
yaira katz
yaira katz Month ago
I love zach so much. Although he isn’t particularly religious, it feels amazing to hear and see him representing our people.
angel martinez
angel martinez Month ago
So much soy in 20 minutes
Kacy Mah
Kacy Mah Month ago
I took archery in college! Fun but difficult for me 😅 I was definitely the worst one in the class...
TayukiVlogs Month ago
Ah, yes. The four directions: East, West, North, and Jews.
Lii28 Month ago
I love the guys, but everything but the actual archery was cringe af. The "acting" & the voices was horrible. I really hate their "acting" videos, like the zach dick video etc... is this what they did on their tour??? Like they are usually funny when they actually try out shit, but the comedy bits & singing is super forced & not funny at all.
Cloudyquinn olympian
Cloudyquinn olympian Month ago
I'm slightly disappointed we are...surely (archery
Olivia Ivelys Ortiz
Olivia Ivelys Ortiz Month ago
Mel Massaza
Mel Massaza Month ago
8.5 million views until they have to rappel down a cliff and shoot an arrow.
Ainin Sofiya Binti Ahmad Bashir
Ainin Sofiya Binti Ahmad Bashir Month ago
You guys should try cosplaying next as anime characters or something
leilani baby
leilani baby Month ago
the fact that keith is descended from royalty does not surprise me
Big Iron On An Arizona Rangers Hip
Big Iron On An Arizona Rangers Hip Month ago
This is one of there best videos of all times
Maria Rockey
Maria Rockey Month ago
Lol did it make anyone else nervous when Eugene was dancing with the bow and pointed the arrow towards the rest of the guys?..... haha no one?
Annissha Rhisky A.
Annissha Rhisky A. Month ago
Shes got an archery hair that i always imagined since i was a child lol
Annissha Rhisky A.
Annissha Rhisky A. Month ago
Shes got an archery hair that i always imagined since i was a child lol
EXENOX Month ago
This just makes me wanna pick archery up it looked like they were having the time of their lives
Cynthia X Wang
Cynthia X Wang Month ago
Virginia is freaking beautiful and her archery skills only add to this.
Alecksa Candia
Alecksa Candia Month ago
Omg she was in Pixar In Real Life. i knew she looked familiar
Elizabeth Skroch
Elizabeth Skroch Month ago
honestly keith popped off
Alexandra Martínez
Alexandra Martínez Month ago
The Habsburg bit was SO funny lmao
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