The Try Guys Try Archery
Natty Cat
Natty Cat 8 hours ago
Now, sashay away~
Playboi_girly Sabriea
Playboi_girly Sabriea 8 hours ago
Keiths that’s my boy that’s my boy killed me 😂😂😂😂😂
CreatureFolk 8 hours ago
TWO Aquarius parents.... Im a Capricorn. We dont see eye to eye...
Matt Meyer
Matt Meyer 8 hours ago
Keith, Everyone in Wisconsin wants you to eat Culver's
Rusty Shack
Rusty Shack 8 hours ago
Has anyone seen the report about these guys getting their testosterone levels tested and finding out they were all DANGEROUSLY low, no surprise here lmao!!! I'm not even joking, look it up.
Katie Heady
Katie Heady 8 hours ago
Keith. You’re wrong. Whataburger is better. You didn’t even try the best burger when you went
Nat Trog
Nat Trog 8 hours ago
My go to combo is a Neapolitan shake and an animal fries with extra spread packets.
Dan Man
Dan Man 8 hours ago
Double double animal style grilled and raw onions extra extra chopped chillies. Extra spread on the side
shahar 8 hours ago
Y'all gotta get a grilled cheese, grilled onion, then smush some fries in there (you can order the fries extra crispy), trust me you will not regret it. Then get a lemon-up oooolala
Loser BMX
Loser BMX 8 hours ago
“Dr” Fauci is a LIER! Even admitted to lying and no one talks about it.
Jasmines Mommy
Jasmines Mommy 8 hours ago
I get a double double extra cheese extra spread, with animal style fries and a coke
Holly Caylynn
Holly Caylynn 8 hours ago
I'm obsessed with Sam
Lou Ross
Lou Ross 8 hours ago
35-0206 Allstate
35-0206 Allstate 8 hours ago
The amount of saliva Keith has
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams 8 hours ago
i read chick fil a is changing where they are sending their money to
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams 8 hours ago
do cracker barrel!
Ellen Riendeau
Ellen Riendeau 8 hours ago
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams 8 hours ago
i also read chick fil a is changing where they are donating their money to
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams 8 hours ago
Do cracker barrel!
teddy terral
teddy terral 8 hours ago
My dream: to be in keiths position!!!
Unicorn_F_Arts 8 hours ago
in n out fries ARE FINE! they're cut right in front of you and just are fried and salt added. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?
Kevin Fager
Kevin Fager 8 hours ago
When you got to the fries I said to myself hmmm. I have shredded potato. I have...cheese. And chili and mayo and ketchup and hot sauce perhaps relish or at least pickle how do I make shredded potatoes into...fries? Just blend and form it by hand? Like a small, long potato meatball thing?
Stella 8 hours ago
Never understood why In-N-Out is so popular. Had it once and it was very average. Whataburger isn't the best, but it's way better.
Leah Jumper
Leah Jumper 8 hours ago
“We got a squirter” I CHOKED 😂
Darth Nater
Darth Nater 8 hours ago
Should have made pizza dunks
Patricia Anne
Patricia Anne 8 hours ago
Sam is so funny 😂
Madame Daydream
Madame Daydream 8 hours ago
Sam is such a joy I love his personality 💜💜
Alice Damiano
Alice Damiano 8 hours ago
Lady Keith in the thumbnail looks so much like a friend of mine, but I can't tell my friend, she'd be mad... so I'm telling you, I guess.
Unicorn_F_Arts 8 hours ago
in n out is the fucking best
LRB9498 8 hours ago
More Becky, less Jonathan and Food Babies
harrison rausch
harrison rausch 8 hours ago
God is good In-n-out is good Coincidence? I think not.
Human Being
Human Being 8 hours ago
Nasty food
BakaFangirl 8 hours ago
I want them to make a new video or add a link to the crossword they were added to if they were added to one!!! 😃😃😃
Bori Varga
Bori Varga 8 hours ago
Hungarians (like me) eat liver all the time. It’s totally normal it’s called máj krém. Which is just like hummus to us ig
David Powell
David Powell 8 hours ago
I don't have a favourite from in and out as I'm from the UK and we don't have it here that I know of
ellie boyd
ellie boyd 9 hours ago
in and out doing everything for their employees that should be a standard if capitalism wasnt such a bully
Alise Brueggemeyer
Alise Brueggemeyer 9 hours ago
I think one of the most underrated features of in-n-out is that it feels and tastes like quality food. All the ingredients are "fresh never frozen". They have windows into the kitchen in the drive thru so you can see your burger being made in their super clean kitchen
System Err0r
System Err0r 9 hours ago
As a huge sushi lover... this was both making me happy and making me sad. Happy because I love the Try Guys, and I love sushi... Sad because I want sushi now...
OGnella 9 hours ago
If this dude says heckin one more time I’m committing suicide
T Jr
T Jr 9 hours ago
Dude Dude you forget the most top Secret menu item Lemon pepper fries.
Gabriella Vicarey
Gabriella Vicarey 9 hours ago
I really want to try keith's sauces but for delivery to the UK it would cost me an extra £30! I love the try guys but £50 for x2 sauces I can't justify yet 😭
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming 9 hours ago
*Keith is so relatable*
Prakash Desai
Prakash Desai 9 hours ago
Keith have you tried mcdonalds spicy chiken nuggets. i think you will like those. they are very mild. The heat comes after you swallow and its very lite in spicyness
Goddess Brown
Goddess Brown 9 hours ago
“Whoa we got a squirter” -Keith 2021
Joey Two Chins
Joey Two Chins 9 hours ago
How much does it cost to bot 60k likes?
Keshia Fowler
Keshia Fowler 9 hours ago
This is why Women have purses
winnieshi1231 9 hours ago
Sam eating the burger looked like a couple at the end of the first date wondering if they should kiss each other.
lizzie blues
lizzie blues 9 hours ago
kodi hiller
kodi hiller 9 hours ago
When he lists all the double double things. All the Canadians (me included): TIMMIES!
Falling Is Just Like Flying
Falling Is Just Like Flying 9 hours ago
The reason “animal style” exists is because they need something to cover up the fact that the food (especially the fries) taste like straight styrofoam. As a Texan, I’m not even going to start on the Whataburger comments, but to say In-n-out is good is the biggest lie Californians tell themselves and I will NEVER understand it.
Livv Xiao
Livv Xiao 9 hours ago
Can Eugene do a rank king of ice cream flavors and bring back Jamie?? He could make a joke about the without a recipe video where they did ice-cream and Jamie could only eat the flower
Storm Wolf
Storm Wolf 9 hours ago
Fauci and the CDC can’t be trusted. He literally said he lied to us to “protect us”. Wtheck? He is also saying we need to wear double masks to be safe. HOLD UP! I THOUGHT YOU SAID ONE MASK WOULD KEEP US SAFE?!?!? The CDC and Fauci are literally trying to shut up the American people. Be a lion, not a sheep that follows anything.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 9 hours ago
In and out has nothing on whataburger
Livv Xiao
Livv Xiao 9 hours ago
Not sure if you’ve done this before but does IHOP count as fast food?? Cuz I think it would be fun to do an eat the menu IHOP
Jersey Ingstrup
Jersey Ingstrup 9 hours ago
Keith should make a book about every place he goes to for Eat The Menu!! It would be amazing
Jojo Bean
Jojo Bean 9 hours ago
Wait this isn’t the boyfriend from Friday night funkin’
Yusra Baig
Yusra Baig 9 hours ago
I freaking love your cat Alfred!!!!!
Saniya Pansare
Saniya Pansare 9 hours ago
Try everything from 7 eleven
Saniya Pansare
Saniya Pansare 9 hours ago
Try Chipotle
Jules —
Jules — 9 hours ago
I love it. goosebumps.
Saniya Pansare
Saniya Pansare 9 hours ago
Try chik fila please
Payden Taylor
Payden Taylor 9 hours ago
Keith: I love In-n-Out! It’s so good and worthwhile! Also Keith: *Is disappointed with everything except the main menu burgers and the 4x4*