Keith Finds The Best Pizza
Jessie 9 hours ago
Living for bratty Keith
vonlipi 9 hours ago
RuPaul is a marketing genius !
Jo Nelson
Jo Nelson 9 hours ago
Keith, are you drinking your sauce??
Ashley Rosenberg
Ashley Rosenberg 9 hours ago
that kid is so annoying
Kelly Lynch
Kelly Lynch 9 hours ago
Is that beautiful bowl of corn at 1:36?
eM Ber
eM Ber 9 hours ago
"Amber Moon - sounds like the Friend of the Hot Mexican Hooker!" 😂🤣
hi hi
hi hi 9 hours ago
Can we just appreciate Jamie like for a kid his age he's hilarious lmao
Reset 9 hours ago
Keith got demoted to boyfriend?! usually you become an ex-boyfriend when u get married not the other way around 😂
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 9 hours ago
Not me watching this in my Subway uniform getting ready to go to work...
Sunaina Sebastian
Sunaina Sebastian 9 hours ago
I hate how they so "Down under".
autumn lee
autumn lee 10 hours ago
I am a huge texture person; I would have chosen Ned
Chantal 10 hours ago
Thanks for bringing awareness Eugene, and amazing job on the editing YB!
MkayLoo 10 hours ago
I think Keith plays off his shade as a joke, but inside he's actually rather bothered
Robloxian 10 hours ago
Bro ur being a bit racist ngl
NeNa 10 hours ago
he didnt ask to be born latina
Noemi-Yaneli Sanchez
Noemi-Yaneli Sanchez 10 hours ago
Honestly this might be one my favorite videos! Would love to see more in this format husband vs bestie
Emily T
Emily T 10 hours ago
Julian Bernhardt
Julian Bernhardt 10 hours ago
Eugene's love for little mix is what we need in the world!!!!
Lynn Meyers
Lynn Meyers 10 hours ago
I like the idea of calling this “partner vs pal” so no one is excluded!
Brenda Velasquez
Brenda Velasquez 10 hours ago
Imagine when a woman loses her hair 😞
CarotasticFul 10 hours ago
Zach is me shaving
Markristelin Maloles
Markristelin Maloles 10 hours ago
I kinda thought that the ending was an advertisement of Walmart 🤣
A Stupid Tourist
A Stupid Tourist 10 hours ago
It was a typo .. should've read McLeast
Emma Harrison
Emma Harrison 10 hours ago
leah o sullivan
leah o sullivan 10 hours ago
What are rutabagas? It looks like a turnip?
M3bully 10 hours ago
But whopper jr buns are almost always stale AF, so get a whopper
Tania 10 hours ago
More of these videos pls... Also,.... Matt reminds me so much of Jared Leto. :)
Steven Canales
Steven Canales 10 hours ago
Funny. As high school. Ugg
dalaynee jo
dalaynee jo 10 hours ago
don’t sort the comments by ‘most recent’ because you’ll see a ton of people talking about how straight people shouldn’t be in this video and people hating on cishets for being fans of drag. ugh.
Michelle C
Michelle C 10 hours ago
Actually thought Keith’s was better. And how is it not Lawrence Chaney if it’s a look that they literally copied off of Lawrence lol. Keith didn’t choose that photo/look. Not his fault.
mzdreamer7 10 hours ago
Let’s do a part 2!!
Aiden Alloy
Aiden Alloy 10 hours ago
Eugene: also big letters :)
•KRUMBAE• 10 hours ago
white facepaint sam looks like robin williams and gotmilk looks like conan o'brian
Sadye Arlin
Sadye Arlin 10 hours ago
Blackout Wt
Blackout Wt 10 hours ago
She is my favorite woman ever! Her voice, aura, excitement to help our boys, her calming presence, everything!
Blackout Wt
Blackout Wt 10 hours ago
Val D
Val D 10 hours ago
Not a fan of Becky. >.< Poor Keith is totally being steamrolled by her .... :'(
dalaynee jo
dalaynee jo 10 hours ago
lmao get over yourself, they’re happy together and you need to respect that
Brooke Minton
Brooke Minton 10 hours ago
NEED: Ariel vs Eugene in absolutely anything.
Rae Peronneau
Rae Peronneau 10 hours ago
Keith was robbed!!! 😉
Camila Elizondo Zamora
Camila Elizondo Zamora 11 hours ago
This was like a month ago and 5 minute crafts made 1 more million in LESS THAN A MONTH
Jessica Hocson
Jessica Hocson 11 hours ago
Keith saying a frying pan is a weapon immediately made me think of Tangled.
REPTILE 92 11 hours ago
Imagine if it was belmo vs these 4 lol
Toad Doesn’t Like Mayonnaise
Toad Doesn’t Like Mayonnaise 10 hours ago
Belmo would slap them fam!
patricia yanga
patricia yanga 11 hours ago
Keith wins this one for me!
doradoh 11 hours ago
i waited the full time for love island fjdklsfjdslakf
Tristania Paulikova
Tristania Paulikova 11 hours ago
I’m still wondering how they got the contacts out
Jo Nini
Jo Nini 11 hours ago
Fucking masterpiece.
Jade Wanderdoff
Jade Wanderdoff 11 hours ago
kids lunch idea 4 moms: The taco nachos eugene made can be made upside down as casseroles with a crispy lettered tortilla on top; the letter being the first in each childs name.
Lipsync for your life
Lipsync for your life 11 hours ago
I need a Lipsync cuts of these
Denice de Guzman
Denice de Guzman 11 hours ago
Heidi Marie
Heidi Marie 11 hours ago
3 YEARS KEITH - 3 YEARS - Not to mollycoddle - But you said 3 years lol
i’m not lay the sequel
i’m not lay the sequel 11 hours ago
they’re all so beautiful wow
Luisana Pereira
Luisana Pereira 11 hours ago
something about keith really turned me on in this video
Tyrone Lio
Tyrone Lio 11 hours ago
Lmao idiots
naomi proud
naomi proud 11 hours ago
Wait, are Keith & Becky Whovians? That makes me love them even more!
Cheese Folder
Cheese Folder 11 hours ago
Ayy Gottmik makeup
RZ INFORMAL 11 hours ago
It's been a year now.. Wanna see your hair now
Ihavehives 11 hours ago
Monica Munoz
Monica Munoz 11 hours ago
I love thisssssssssssssssssss 😩
Channel 11 hours ago
America wasn’t founded on racism it was founded on democracy
Channel 11 hours ago
Ok maybe people should not be racist against white people because we used to have slaves. This is happening because Asia has a bad history of war with us so they can blame their ancestors for this.
Lorenzo D
Lorenzo D 11 hours ago
I think Eugene was beyond gone
starstrucksymphony 11 hours ago
okay but why does nick in drag remind me of my best friend's mom...........
Kenzie Rose
Kenzie Rose 11 hours ago
You should try a Trixie Mattel makeup look!!
Jenna McGeehen
Jenna McGeehen 11 hours ago
Eugene and Becky next!
• sᴀɢᴇ •
• sᴀɢᴇ • 11 hours ago
im sorry but zach kinda gives me kboo vibes 😃
Anna 11 hours ago
Sydney Miles
Sydney Miles 11 hours ago
when will you do culver's????
Hambone Fakenamington
Hambone Fakenamington 11 hours ago
Didn’t even see this video in my notifs, think USposts is trying to sabotage this video, please don’t let the format die because of it.
I'm Genesis
I'm Genesis 11 hours ago
"You sure buzzfeed doesn't own this brand?" -Ned Fulmer, 2021
Catherine 11 hours ago
I love how Sam post-contour looks identical to Sam pre-contour 🤣🤣
Melissa Fantato
Melissa Fantato 11 hours ago
OK but here’s like the thing mats thing was way easier than keiths so
Keeahna 11 hours ago
7:20 honestlyyyyyyyy...😏
maplelump 11 hours ago
Too bad this was filmed before the Big Mac was before McDonalds started doing the beyond meat patties. That would have won it for them. Also their fries are fried in a mix with beef tallow, so they're not vegan.
Yo Ta
Yo Ta 12 hours ago
We will never be victimized!!!!!
Big Pa Bear
Big Pa Bear 12 hours ago
Hey tryguys. Love watching your videos. Would like to suggest you guys try a deep fried challenge with deep frying then eating the following: Deep fried pb and j Deep fried Coca Cola (research first) Deep fried pop tarts Deep fried tofu Deep fried s’more Deep fried watermelon Deep fried pickles Deep fried avocado Deep fried bacon Deep fried spaghetti and meatballs Deep fried cheese cake Deep fried olives Deep fried ravioli Deep fried cheese burger Deep fried ice cream Deep fried star fish Deep fried Mars bar Deep fried pork intestines Deep fried Oreos Deep fried chicken feet
Margaretha Claresta
Margaretha Claresta 12 hours ago
man thesedrag queens are SKILLED MUA... the symmetrical look despite the complexity, doing all that on their own.... holy wow thats amazing skills
spxxnie 12 hours ago
Bookmark for myself: 11:50
Emily 12 hours ago
The love Matt😂
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson 12 hours ago
I've had a sore throat and cough all week...Eugene's "I'm f--king nice you stupid f--ks" sent me into a fit and nearly killed me...I'm okay with it 💜